Paper Wreath

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I saw a paper wreath numerous places on the internet; they are hugely popular probably due their being low cost and high impact. I found Living with Lindsay I started making mine today.  I bought the wreath from a couple weeks ago and have been fooling around with how to make the paper cones since and finally, today, I found the method that works for me.  So, with my Surf Magazine dismembered, I started rolling cones.

I know you’re thinking “Cool, she surfs too!” Well, I don’t.  Backstory… I was living in upstate New York when a HS student came around selling magazines for some kind of trip;  I bought one, just one, and now I get all kinds of magazines I never read. Surf Magazine being one of them, but today I am thankful, I love all the blues that are in the magazine, they are going to make such a tranquil wreath to hang in my blue living room.

Now that we know I don’t surf, back to the wreath.  I have rolled one whole magazine which has ended up being enough cones to make one complete back layer of my wreath.  Surf Magazine number two will be enough for the inside I hope.  Off to roll pages again!!


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