Migranes, Asthma and Allergies… Oh My!

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Hello!  I know I just started this blog thing and had a small hiatus… but I’m back.  Monday started off with a puking toddler (still) so we spent 4 hours at the doctor.  After a breathing treatment, a chest xray, and 3 separate visits with the NP it was determined his vomiting was from asthma.  My 3 year old was given albuterol to take on top of his claritin for allergies.  Oh, and some anti-nasuea medicine to add into the mix.  Tuesday and Wednesday went along just fine, taking 2 puffs from the inhaler every 4 hours (sounds like fun, I know) and Thursday was the follow up with the NP.  Well, that visit she gave him ANOTHER inhaler and some benadryl for the mystery rash he developed over those two days.  So, lets add all this up… the NP has my 3 year old on: Claritin once a day, Albuterol every 4 hours while awake, Flovent every 4 hours while awake, and Benadryl when he’s itching from the rash that one of these things caused.

Where do migranes come in?  A few months ago he was complaining his head hurt for about 3 days, so I took him to the doctor.  Backstory-  The last time he complained about something hurting for that long, his foot was broken, so I decided he needed to be seen.  Upon taking him to the doctor for his head hurting, the doctor asked him if it hurt his head to look at the light, he said yes, and she told me he had a migrane.  Google did tell me there is such a thing as childhood migranes, so okay, maybe I believe it.  The NP also did tell me that there is no treatment for mirgranes in children.  Google said there was… So if he ends up with another, well, we’ll see.

On a funny note, my son has discovered the Wii, Wii sports to be exact… He loves the boxing, I’m not really sure how I feel about that. Oh well, it keeps him entertained and from sitting on the couch.

Until next time =]


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