Scentsy Alchemy

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One of the girls I work with is also a Scentsy consultant.  She brought her scents in one day and I’ve been hooked since.  I love the flamelessness of the burners and the smells are so intense, and I don’t have to remember to light them.  I love candles, but they just end up sitting somewhere because I never think to light them and/or never have a lighter, these warmers, just a flip of the switch and there is delightful fragrance filling the air.  The only downfall, they don’t have one of my all time favorite smells- Lavendar Vanilla.  So, in my improvisiveness (is that a word?) I mixed two together to get a lovely recreation of my favorite smell.

French Lavendar and Vanilla Creme- genius, I know! I also believe the lavendar helps my son sleep… It seems the few nights after I refresh his with the lavendar, he sleeps better. Coincidence?  I also have a hand full of scents I might be mixing in the future… If anything good comes of it, I’ll report!


On another note… Google failed me.  I googled the county fair, the extention office webpage said entries were going to be accepted today.  Come to find out, it was yesterday.  Boo!


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