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I decided to go with the bubble gum machine for the Coin Slot Challenge, with some valuable input from my husband, I entered my yellow and blue machine.  Voting started today, I’m not doing too well.  I’m at 4.5 out of 10, bummer.  There has been one comment that I appreciate, the commenter said the picture would have been better if the actual coin slot was in focus.  True, very true.  I was so focused on the framing of my picture, I didn’t consider the focal point…. Well, it is atleast helping my photography.

Next weeks dp challenge is babies and toddlers.  That shouldn’t be too hard since I have a toddler.  I just think it will be a difficult competition since lots of people take photos of children.  If I learn something, its worth it.

On a different topic, a mouse fell out of our fireplace this evening.  We don’t have a real fireplace, its one of those gas log things that just has a flame.  I have no idea where it came from nor where it went to.  It hopped back up into the fireplace and ran somewhere.  I knew there was one in the garage, I saw his/her remanants around, but never found a nest… I did clean up and rearrange its bathroom, so maybe that made it relocate to the fireplace.  I guess that happens… To the hardware store for traps tomorrow.  It should have stayed in the garage…

I also created my fall scene at my workplace, well 80%.  I still need to get big pumpkins.  I managed to put 2 large mums, 3 small mums, 2 small pumpkins and 4 bails of straw in a Chevy HHR, not without a huge mess, but I did it none the less.  I also already had some scarecrows to add to the festivities.  Tomorrows project is to make a bunting to hang over the decor.  It really is kind of random, we don’t do anything like this except for halloween/thanksgiving time and then for christmas, a tree.  No other holidays… I will take a picture when it is all together, maybe with my toddler in it… you know, for the challenge =]



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