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I think I get to take pictures for a senior!  My boss wants some “artsy” pictures of her daughter, I just have to find some place that suits that idea, in this area…  Oktoberfest is downtown this weekend, maybe the kid and I will go and we’ll scope out potential artsy photo ops.  I just hope the inflatibles aren’t overpriced.  I’ve seen some people who’ve taken pictures downtown and I think they have the look she’s going for.  Something to add to my portfolio!  She mentioned it in passing, so I’ll probably have to remind her.  I also am supposed to take employee pictures of the new people since we had someone come in and do it.  Problem… we don’t have the backdrop that guy used.  I really don’t want to have to buy one of those ugly, generic, elementary school backdrop to use for the employees.  Maybe the company will.  If not, bedsheet it is!  It won’t be multi-colored, but it will be the same.  I really like those folding backdrops, while not too unreasonibly prices, still more than I want to spend for no return.

Well, dpchallenge last week not so good.  I ended up 47 out of 57 with an average score of 4.6.  bummer.  I thought my picture was pretty good.  The winning picture was super edited though, I barely edited mine at all.  I guess thats what people like though.  I didn’t submit this weeks, babies and toddlers, I know I have one, but here lately, I am kind of tired of trying to get my kid to take a decent picture.  I think he’s so used to me having my camera, he just doesn’t try anymore.  The idea was to have pictures for Christmas… we’ll see how that goes.  The upcoming challenge is Candid.  That will be a good one if I can remember to carry my camera around with me.



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