Computer Isssue

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So, I’ve been threatening to throw my laptop out the window for a while now.  It’s not that old, but it is incredibly slow and has the tendoncy to not want to do what I want it to.  Its a Dell that we got from Best Buy probably 2 – 2 1/2 years ago or so, and I’m not super hard on it I don’t think.  I’ve kepy my virus protection up to date and the only large program I run is Photoshop.  My husband has a Macbook and when I get frustrated he likes to comment that I wouldn’t be frustrated if I had an Apple product… While that may be true, its not something I can afford right now, plus getting a Mac would mean buying Photoshop again, which would add dramatically to the cost of a new computer.  So, the Dell and I have to learn to co-exist for the time being.

Purple Dell Laptop

This is what I get for buying a laptop that is pretty.

My lovely husband played hero for me and did a bunch of stuff to try to speed up the laptop and get it to work better.  I now don’t have all the cool Windows animations and all my icons and stuff are old school, but my computer has sped up dramatically.  Now if I can just get my Bamboo Pen to work again… That’s next.



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