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So, I’ve started looking for jobs out West.  I’m looking in San Diego, LA, Las Vegas and San Berndino.  I would really love to work in Vegas because the housing market is a little lower than in the other area and it will only be 4 hours away from my husband.  I know I’ll be a single mom for the two years he’s at 29 Palms, but its not really something I can’t get used to, I mean, I’m married to a Marine…

I think ideally, I’d like to work for UNLV so I can get into the higher education arena.  I’d love to be a college professor eventually, so to get my foot in the door somehow would be great, plus a discount on tuition to start working on my master’s degree would be stellar too.  I also think it would be a good area for my son to grow up in, we would be close to all kinds of parks and recreational activities.  We will be far from family, and that will be hard for me, but I’ve been getting used to it being a military family.

I know I can do numerous jobs that are available out there, but I don’t necessarily have any experience doing them, so the struggle for me is going to be how to convince an employer that I’m capable.  I know that is the purpose of a cover letter, but I need to come across as genuine and confident but not sound like I’m saying whatever I need to in order to get the job. There is a lot of industry in Vegas and the surrounding area, so I’m just hoping someone will give me a chance.

Another place I would LOVE to work is Zappos.  They are headquartered in Vegas, but I don’t see a lot of open positions.  I look regularly, so it appears turnover is low, which is good for them, bad for me.  Plus they are regularly rated as one of the top places to work.  I am just starting on the search and plan to start applying in the next few days, so wish me luck!

Looking around, there are a few other places that I would like to work.  Amazon would be great in San Berndino, or anywhere really.  They have a photo touchup job available in Madison WI, but I know my husband won’t go for living that far east.  Also, working for Google anywhere they have a job they’d be willing to give me a chance at would be awesome too!  There is an Administrative Assistant position open in Mountain View I might try for.


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