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Between my husband and I our friends and family, we have 4 weddings coming up.  Two cousins, a sister and a friend all next year, east of the Mississippi, where will we be… thats right, we’ll be West.  They’ve all had I don’t know how many years to get married while we were on the East Coast, but no, they all had to get engaged during our move and plan their weddings after we’re already in California. So far, we have May and September taken, so that will have to be atleast two trips.  The other two, dates aren’t set yet.

One of my cousins created an event on Facebook, which I think is a pretty good idea.  It lets everyone know and also its a good forum for well wishes and a way to bounce ideas off people if you need to.  She’s still planning on doing the formal invites and stuff, but I think the informal Facebook event thing is kind of neat.

I thought for some reason events would let you put a picture up, maybe it does, I have no idea, but she doesn’t have one, so I thought I’d make a “Save the Date” she could use as a placeholder until hers are ready.  I have fun creating things, its a lot easier for me when I have a purpose and goal in mind.  Here’s what I came up with, she said she liked it in a comment under the picture when I posted it on her event page.

Save the Date I have no idea what her theme or wedding colors are, but this is what I created for her.  Not bad for an hour or so of work, I’m getting quicker!












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