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I saw an article that directly related to my goals, the one to read to my son more.  This article explains exactly how I feel about it!

NY Times Parenting Blog

“Reading to your kids is one of those vegetables of motherhood. It does all kinds of crazy-good things for kids — develops their vocabulary, makes them love books and stimulates them to ask sometimes-impossible-to-answer questions about life — and when I’ve served my 3-year-old son at least 20 minutes of read-aloud time (20 being the magical number, according to experts), I feel as virtuous as if I’ve chewed my way through a kale salad.”

I feel a lot better knowing I’m not the only parent that will hide books or paraphrase the content of the book just to get through it faster.  I still stand by wanting to make sure I make time to read to him and spend that quality time, but I can’t wait until we can move onto chapter books that have a longer story line!  I don’t think we’re quite there yet, since there will be fewer pictures, but hopefully soon.  I’m looking forward to re-reading Narnia and reading for the first time Lemony Snickets.


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