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July is almost over!  Christmas is getting closer and closer and it seems the days are so slow, but looking back, the year seems to be flying by.  We are more than halfway finished with 2013!  Anyway, each month I like to put wallpaper on my computer with a calendar.  I know I could just look at my phone, or on the corner of the screen, but I like to change it up and look at something different.  Plus, a calendar is kind of useful.  I got the idea from How About Orange, she would find them and post them for our use, but the past couple months, I must not have been paying close enough attention to her blog to use the one’s she finds for her readers.  For August I found a few if you are interested in changing up your wallpaper for the month!

Thank you to those posting their creations online for us to use!

I haven’t decided which I’m using for my desktop just yet, which is your favorite?


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