5 Things Friday

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Based off the hit blog post by Running off the Reese’s 15 Things Friday; Here’s my version… 5 Things Friday!

1. We are going to volunteer at Angela’s Crest 100 this weekend. Working an aid station about half way. EXCITED!!


2. I can’t believe they cut both the tappers on SYTYCD. I think the girls were equally matched and they should have gotten rid of the jazz chick. Dance Style Discrimination!


3. I lost 1 measly pound this week. I’m at 7 total… 52 more pounds to go!

4.  If I ever have a wedding, I’m getting married under chocolate.  From Discovery News: Sweet Structure Engineered From Chocolate.


5. I’m not sure where I saw these first, may have been Pinterest, but they are pretty cute! From Mr. Printables



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