Idyllwild Weekend

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We had a great time this past weekend. We spend two nights at the Strawberry Creek Bunkhouse in Idyllwild CA. We had a cozy two room “suite” with a kitchenette and a small back deck. The main room had the tv, desk and bed and small table with two chairs. Attached to the main room was the kitchenette, bathroom (through to the other bedroom) and the other bedroom (with two twin beds). I was super impressed with the stocked kitchen; there was real creamer in the fridge! None of that gross non-dairy powdered stuff, they also provided a basket breakfast with the room charge. The breakfast consisted of a homemade scone, a packet of organic instant oatmeal, an apple and a juice box per person. The only downside to relying on them for breakfast, they didn’t deliver to your room until after 9am. Who waits that long to eat breakfast? We ended up eating at Jo Ans for breakfast and using our breakfast as snacks later in the day, delicious none the less. They are also pet friendly, the whole town is, which makes it nice that we can take our dog with us for once.

A Cozy Room for the Weekend

A Cozy Room for the Weekend


I had plenty of opportunities to take pictures, but it seems that my phone was always in my son’s hands and not mine when I needed it to be. I’m working on getting pictures of things I might want to write about.

On Saturday we went for a hike, uphill… I’m out of shape it turns out! We made a round trip of 3 miles, 1.5 miles up and 1.5 miles back down. In the middle we stopped and had a picnic of apples and Gatorade. About a mile in, the boy was getting tired more and more often, so I think we pretty much found his limit when it comes to hiking.

Puppy, by Tyler

Puppy, by Tyler

After our hike we came back to the room to rest a bit and then Tyler and I went to Earth ‘N Fire to paint some pottery. Tyler picked a dog statue and I picked a tea pot. We spend a good 20 minutes painting our pottery (yes, I thought it would take longer) and then we were on our way. We had dinner at Idyllwild Pizza Co and called it a night. I have to say the pizza was good (pizza isn’t one of my favorite foods to begin with) but the cheese breadsticks were fantastic! I highly recommend them!Breakfast at Oma's

Sunday we had breakfast at Oma’s Bakery where the dog was able to join us. My only issue with Oma’s is they don’t have a kids menu or even smaller portion options. The side of eggs was 3 eggs! Our dog had a fabulous breakfast after we were done eating! After breakfast we played at the playground a bit, and then went back to the room to pack and check out. After check out we walked around town, browsed a few shops, picked up our pottery and headed homeward. My husband had a long run, so we didn’t hang around town too long since he had to be back to San Diego that evening. You can read about his run here if you’re interested.

This is our second visit to Idyllwild and it was no less impressive this time. I loved the drastic temperature difference than the desert. I also enjoyed being able to open the windows at night, although it didn’t help with my allergies all that much. I think if we knew we were going to stay in this area long term, Idyllwild is where we would settle.

Where would you build your dream house?


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