Training Week

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Training Week

Last week in training was a successful one. It was my first full week that I was able to run outside for all my runs. I’m having a few issues with my shoes, but once that gets figured out I’ll be great. I also need to figure out my mental game… I let myself give up too easily. I know that, but I continue to let it happen. I’m getting better about shortening my walk breaks, but lately I’ve been letting myself cut my runs short. I have a training plan for a reason…
Last week was supposed to be:
Monday- Rest
Tuesday- 3 Miles
Wednesday- 2 Miles
Thursday- 3 Miles
Friday- Rest
Saturday- 5 Miles
Sunday- 30 Minutes

And this is what actually happened.


So, not quite according to plan, but this week is a new week and I am going to work on getting my head into the game.
On a different note, my son started Kindergarten yesterday. I am officially old enough to have a school aged child. It feels weird.



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