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I finally broke down and bought an iPod to listen to while I run.  I used to use my iPhone, but when we upgraded we switched to the Galaxy S4 and it is ginormous!  I haven’t found a way to carry it on my person so I’ve been running sans audio.  It is okay on shorter runs because I can entertain myself, but for my 5 and 6 mile long runs, it was kind of boring.  I apparently bore myself after about 40 minutes.  I’ve carried water in a waist pack before, but my phone wouldn’t fit in the pocket on the belt, that’s how big the thing is.

Anyway, I now have an iPod shuffle partially loaded with podcasts to keep me entertained the multiple hours my long runs are about to be.  I have two regular podcasts I have been listening to: Marathon Training Academy and Runner Girls.  I am happy to see Runner Girls is back for a new season and I’m behind, so I have plenty to keep me occupied for a while.  I think those two are great because they are both around an hour in length.  I think that is a good length because it engages me for a significant amount of time and I don’t have to listen to the podcast introduction that frequently.

I also downloaded Another Mother Runner podcast, but haven’t listened to it yet.  If I am impressed, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Are there any other podcasts I should check out?


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