Week 3 In Review

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Half Marathon Training Week 3 Review:

Monday (2/3)- shake out from long run, walked to pick the boy up from school and walked back.

Tuesday (2/4)- rest day

Wednesday (2/5)- Treadmill Run 45min 3.3miles.  Would have been way better if Pitch Perfect would have played on my computer

Thursday (2/6)- rest day

Friday (2/7)- 49:41, 3.51 miles. Intervals (4x400s)- 2:31,2:17,2:24, 2:18.

Saturday (2/8)- rest day

Sunday (2/9)- long “run” 6 mile walk 1:41

I learned this week that I need to wear better shoes anything other than speedwork.  My legs and feet just aren’t ready for minimal cushion on longer runs.  I also need to incorporate cross training.  I might consult with Coach and see if we can drop to 4 days a week running and 3 cross training.  I would love to incorporate barre and yoga, but I just don’t know how to fit them into my schedule.  Work in progress…



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  1. Looks like a great week! Cross-training is so important when you’re training for endurance events. It may seem counterproductive to cut back on a day of running when the ultimate goal is running longer and faster, however if you pick the right cross training activities they will allow you to reach your goal much more efficiently and with less risk of injury!
    Good luck with everything!

  2. Great blog. I have enjoyed reading it a lot! I’d love for you to follow my running journey run100run@wordpress.com


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