Half Marathon Training Week 4

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Upcoming Training for the Big Bear Half Marathon:

Monday (2/10)- Off or 20-30 min Recovery Run

Tuesday (2/11)- rest day

Wednesday (2/12)- 50-60 Min Med/Long Run

Thursday (2/13)- 30-40 Min Easy

Friday (2/14)- 15-20 min warmup; Hill Repeats: 4-6 times hill circuit; 15-20 min cooldown

Saturday (2/15)- rest day

Sunday (2/16)- Fast Finish Long run: Run 4-6 miles, w/ last 1-3 miles at marathon effort

I for some reason thought the Big Bear Half was part trail, but reading the course description again, it isn’t.  So, I’m kind of bummed.  I didn’t sign up for it intending to run another road half.  I still have unpleasant memories of the last one… So, I’m thinking my training will be better this time and it won’t be as miserable.  I might look around to see if there is a trail half around that same time…

I’ve also decided to give a bare class a try. Monday night after work. I hope the ladies at the gym aren’t too intimidating! I have a bikrim yoga class on my radar too.


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