Training Review- Week 4

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Last week didn’t go so well as far as training goes.  I took extra rest days and cut most of my runs short.  It just wasn’t happening.

Monday- Extra rest day

Tuesday- Rest Day

Wednesday- 3 miles 47:34

Thursday- Another extra rest day

Friday- Hills… didn’t happen… 1 mile 😦

Saturday- Rest Day

Sunday- Long run cut short- 3 miles 51:04

I really don’t have an excuse for the crap training last week.  I know my legs have been heavy, but that’s part of the game.  My shins have been feeling better and I’m not needing my inhaler as often, so I have no idea what the deal was.  I am planning on next week being so much better.

Coach and I had a conversation the other night.  He thinks my biggest obstacle is that I don’t see myself as a runner and its holding me back.  I don’t disagree one bit, I admit that I wouldn’t categorize me as a runner, I say I’m more of a walker with sporadic moments of running.

What was defining moment that made you feel like a runner?


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  1. Hmm … I don’t have a defining moment yet … unless you count the time I wanted to die as my lungs felt like they were exploding!
    Heh … seriously though … when I saw this blog post I noticed the photo and caption … and it made me laugh. I am just a beginner runner … and want to get to jogger status even! Then runner.
    I see you are training for a 1/2 … and to me that is WOW. I have done 2 official 5K’s now …and am signed up for a few more … but the thought of a 10K … much less a 1/2 marathon scares the daylights out of me.
    And with that said … I must say … go you!


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