Week 5 Training

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Week 5 of training for the Big Bear Half Marathon was a disheartening one. My husband found his heart rate monitor and graciously allowed me to use it with my new Garmin. I haven’t ever really heart rate trained, so on my progression run Friday; I wore the monitor, really just to see how accurate the calorie consumption is on my watch. Turns out, my heart isn’t very strong. After a bit of discussion with Coach, we decided I needed to genuinely base build. So, we transitioned my training plan to be 6-8 weeks MAF then a short Half Marathon training to get me through Big Bear. I don’t know that I really ever had a good base, so I think this will be a good thing, however frustrating it may be.

How do you keep yourself accountable to stay on track?  Facebook? Strava? a blog?


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