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I have a confession… My husband is an ultra-runner.

That being said, race season is about to be in full swing and as his wife, I’m proud to be lead crew member for his ultras. Can I put that on my resume? Anyway, with race season quickly approaching, I thought I’d share a few projects, some tips and lessons learned from our ultra-experiences.

First- the bandana.  We went to Angeles Crest 100 last year to work an aid station and kept seeing all these people wearing bandanas full of ice.  My first ultra-project is to make one of those before PCT50 (in two weeks).  I’m certain it will be fairly easy, but I’ll take pictures along the way in case you want to make one too.

Next will be our reconfigured crew bag.  I think we have a bit before that will become a big issue because PCT has minimal crew access, but in the long run, I need to figure out a fast system to have everything quickly accessible and portable.  We have Telluride and Kodiak coming up where I think having a well-organized bag will be essential.

Also, creating kind of a cheat sheet on crewing for my husband, his family is planning to attend his last two big races and I’m sure they will have lots of questions and also I want to make sure they understand how to interact with him at aid stations.

Lastly, the ongoing project of creating our Bib Book, I’m trying to find a way to scrapbook our bibs (all 3 of ours).  I’ve tried several different size scrapbooks but haven’t really found a system I like.  I’m currently trying to use a photo album/ scrapbook hybrid (project life) method, and I think it will work if I can just sit down and take time to find/print pictures from our races.

Ideas that are in my head but may not translate to actual projects: pace bracelet, medal hanger, head bands, and race t-shirt refashions.

Stay tuned!


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  1. kelby of newenglandoutlook

    Wow I’d say being a crew member is definitely resume worthy 🙂 I’m excited to see these projects as you accomplish them! Good luck to your husband!


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