Trying a Different Training Method

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All my attempts at becoming a runner before, I feel, haven’t really been successful.  They’ve gotten me through the race I was planning for, but I haven’t yet come to enjoy the act of running.  I know not everyone enjoys every run they go on, but I was hoping to become one of those people that generally enjoys going for run and can tough out those runs where not everything is perfect.

The first training method was following a free training plan on the internet.  No customization, just a general 10% increase weekly plan with the longest run being I think 12 miles for a half.  I got through that race, it wasn’t pretty, but I made it.  The second try was with a customized training plan where I filled out a huge questionnaire and a trainer made a plan based on my fitness level and my schedule.  That plan also did get me through a half marathon, but it didn’t help foster my love or acceptance of running.

After a four month break and a scary dentist appointment, I’ve decided to give it a try again, but using a different method.  I’m going to try heart rate training.  I started this week using Maffatone’s HR range.  The range for me to stay in is 145-155.  I have completed a couple workouts staying within that range and it wasn’t pretty.  I’ve taken walks mid day, where it is still near 90 degrees and to keep my heart rate in the specified range, I’ve been at an 18 minute pace.  So, next week, I’m going to try going for a walk in the morning when its cooler to see if that makes a difference.  I’m hoping it does, but I don’t really know.

My goal is to get my pace to around 12 minutes while staying in that heart rate zone.  I have no idea if that is feasible, but that is my initial goal.  Once I get there, I’d like to start working toward a 10 min goal so that I can run a 30 min 5k.  Based on what I did this week, I know it will take a while and have to have the patience to make it happen!


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